1. Can an IdeaPaint wall be used as a projection screen?
    Yes, despite its high gloss nature, many customers use IdeaPaint as a projection surface. Short throw and tabletop projectors are recommended for best results. The best way to minimize glare and “hot spots” is to angle the projector in a way that diffracts the light away from the common line of sight. IdeaPaint will not crack or yellow over time from prolonged exposure to projection devices.
  2. Can a border be created around an IdeaPaint surface?
    Definitely!  Use painter’s tape to outline the desired shape and size, then apply IdeaPaint within the taped space. Once you remove the tape, it will leave a clean border. IdeaPaint customers have painted borders using different colors in a variety of shapes, or even added a wood or metal border to really make their IdeaPaint space stand out. The possibilities are endless!
  3. Can IdeaPaint be used outside?
    IdeaPaint is not recommended for outdoor use and has not been formally tested to serve as a suitable outside coating. Use of IdeaPaint on outdoor surfaces will void the warranty. However, if IdeaPaint is applied over a bicycle or similar item, store it in a location protected from the elements.
  4. Can IdeaPaint be applied over magnetic primer?
    Most magnetic primers inherently have a rough profile making them less suitable as a primer for IdeaPaint. In addition, be aware, most magnetic primers need several coats to achieve a functioning magnetic surface. Time-saving and cost effective options are to apply IdeaPaint to a metallic substrate or to mount magnetic strips to an IdeaPaint surface.
  5. Which dry erase markers are recommended for use on IdeaPaint CREATE BLACK or CLEAR over a dark color?
    For any dark color, IdeaPaint BRIGHT Markers are recommended. For additional colors PARROT Glassboard Neon markers are also recommended.
  6. Which markers are recommended for use on IdeaPaint surfaces?
    IdeaPaint and PILOT markers are recommended for use on IdeaPaint surfaces. Because new marker formulas are continuously available in the market, it is recommended to test the erasability of any ink in a small area before using on a larger IdeaPaint space
  7. What is the best way to repair an IdeaPaint surface if a permanent marker was used in error?
    IdeaPaint is a dry erase surface, so permanent markers should not be used. However, if a permanent marker is accidentally used, try to remove with the following process:
    1. Trace over the mark several times with an IdeaPaint WRITE or Expo Bold dry erase marker, completely covering the permanent marks with the dry erase marker.
    2. Use a clean microfiber cloth and dry erase cleaner to remove.
  8. What are best practices for erasing and cleaning an IdeaPaint surface?
    ERASE: On a daily basis, erase IdeaPaint surfaces with IdeaPaint ERASE microfiber cloths. Cloths should be washed on a regular basis.  Ensure that all detergent is rinsed from the cloth so no residue is left on the IdeaPaint surface
    CLEAN: Because marker ink solvents naturally build up and cause a residual film over time, it is recommended that the entire IdeaPaint surface be thoroughly cleaned every week. Use IdeaPaint CLEANER to restore and extend the life of the IdeaPaint surface.
    DO NOT use non-dry erase cleaners, or any other chemical or household cleaner on the IdeaPaint surface.
  9. What is the suggested process for removing stubborn ink stains?
    When dry erase ink has been on a surface for an extended period of time, some spots may harden and become more difficult to erase. To clean these spots, use IdeaPaint CLEANER or any standard dry erase spray, if neither is available dampen a microfiber cloth with water.
  10. What is the product coverage?                                                                                                                                                                                 The 50SF Kit will cover 4,6 sqm and the 200SF Kit will cover 18 sqm.  Do not stretch the coverage, as it may affect performance.
  11. Does IdeaPaint offer a warranty?                                                                                                                                                                          Indeed! IdeaPaint is backed by a 10 year limited warranty against cracking, flaking, yellowing and staining (ghosting). Terms and conditions apply.
  12. Is IdeaPaint kind to the environment?                                                                                                                                                                   IdeaPaint is one of the most environmentally responsible dry-erase products on the market. It delivers more writing surface with far less environmental impact and is the only dry-erase paint product to achieve GREENGUARD certification.
  13. Which surfaces are recommended for IdeaPaint?                                                                                                                                                Most sealed, non-porous surfaces including sealed wood, painted drywall, plastic, metal, aluminium, existing chalkboard and even whiteboard!
  14. Can I apply IdeaPaint myself?                                                                                                                                                                                          IdeaPaint is the most user friendly dry erase application available.  Each kit includes an easy to follow application guide.
  15. Are there any preparation or application tips?                                                      
    - The smoother the surface, the better.  Ensure that holes in existing holes are filled and surface sanded and cleaned.                                               
    - If you are applying IdeaPaint Clear onto a wall, ensure the colour paint you applied underneath is water based.
    - To be safe, always prime the suface with two coats of IdeaPaint Primer